The most interesting thing about online registration software is that it helps you plan your registration process very fast and methodical. Our online registration tool will set up and make available for your use a unique e-commerce Online Registration and Management System, which enables registrants to self-manage their registration and provides organisers with extensive functionality to view the registrations at all times:

  • Eliminates traditional forms and manual data entry whilst reducing manual labour.
  • No deciphering of messy hand written or distorted registrant applications.
  • No wastage of paper as all documents is stored online for 5 years.
  • Registrants are empowered to complete the registration form online.
  • Generation of automated registration confirmation and tax invoices.
  • Manage event capacities by applying automatic registration limits, saving you continually checking registrations.
  • With real time online reporting you always know how much revenue has been collected, and how much is outstanding if collecting cheques and direct deposits.
  • The event reconciliation report provides you with an online report showing income and expenditure that’s accessible at any time.
  • Online credit card processing by registrants eliminates the need for organisers to individually process each transaction and following up on declined or insufficient payments.
  • Event registrants can amend and/or cancel their registrant details, without having to contact the event organiser. This makes things easier for both the participant and the organiser.
  • Online forms automatically total all costs and fees associated with each individual registrant and with the registered group as a whole. You can be are assured of getting the correct total for every registration.
  • Better data integrity, storing and maintaining your data in one place.
  • Increased productivity as your data is consistent and automatically updated all the time 
  • Lower printing and postage costs as there is no need to mail, as it is all done electronically.
  • Online registration is an increasingly popular way of registering for all kinds of events.
  • Ease of access to sort and store information in one online database.
  • Event suppliers can be kept up to date with specific online reports e.g. Special dietary reports for caterers.
  • As an example, when participants have special dietary or seating requests, an online report can provide the venue with the exact requirements for each registrant to ensure catering and seating is fully accurate.
  • Online registration is open 24/7 which is very important for those in different time zones or those who are unable to register during business hours.
  • Notify participants of last minute changes utilising Email Broadcasts or SMS.

The system allows you to coordinate and manage accommodation. Our normal procedure is to reserve a certain amount of rooms so that registrants have the opportunity to book their accommodation at the same time as registering for their conference. The system will provide you with the hotel with a secure log in to access the details; view the rooming summary and rooming lists live and up to date.

When a registrant books accommodation from their Online Event Registration Form, you will automatically receive an email which details the registrants booking number and conference dates.

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